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All Aboard- BG Farms

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Published January 22, 2013

Bobby Genovese, with his good looks, sandy blonde hair, dark tan, cuffed jeans and crisp, white shirt, looked every bit the proud Ocala property owner, as he motioned out the window towards the beautiful green pastures behind him. “I had always dreamed of a property like this—a property with acres of pasture, white fences, beautiful sky—where skies are as blue as blue can be, and grass is greener than green.”

 Bobby Genovese’s introduction to horses originated on a small farm in northern Ontario. “My mother and stepfather wanted to keep me busy,” explained Genovese. “So they bought me a pinto pony, and it became my passion.” Genovese, now an accomplished polo player, having won the Canadian open, and many other American, Argentinean, and Chilean tournaments, with his Vancouver polo team, has come a long way in the horse world since his days of riding his pony.

“My kids, Bobby and Gigi, love to ride as much as I do,” explained Genovese. “In fact, their love of horses was part of the reason that, a few years ago, I started looking for a property where I could have horses, hoping to introduce my kids into the polo world as well.”

Genovese began looking for equestrian properties in southern Florida, but couldn’t find a property that offered the acreage he wanted. Fortunately, Bobby fell in sync with Rob and Chris Desino from Ocala Horse Properties, and because of them, he fell in love with a large farm in southern Marion County.

“I can’t thank them enough for helping me to find this place,” commented Genovese. “I had always heard a lot of good things about Ocala and Marion County, the slower pace of living and the incredible natural beauty of the area. Now that I spend as much time as I can here, I have truly fallen in love with the people and the area of Marion County.”

Genovese’s property, BG Farms, is named after his son, Bobby, and daughter, Gigi. “While the kids’ home base is Nassau, Bahamas, they come to Ocala quite often, at least once a month, sometimes more. We spend most of our holidays at homes in Europe, Canada, and the Bahamas. We truly enjoy our time here at the farm. It is so relaxing, yet so entertaining right here in Ocala; honestly, it’s hard to work up the desire to go anywhere else!”

Indeed, it is hard to imagine a property anywhere that can rival BG Farms. Not only does it boast a 6-bedroom, 6,500+ sq. ft. main house, there are five beautifully appointed cottages on the property, as well as a water park, a train, and a mini-safari park. “The safari park has elephants, giraffes, alligators—everything you can think of to excite. It’s a delight for any child, or more importantly, for the child that’s in all of us,” smiled Genovese.

Then, of course, there are the living quarters for the horses. “We have over 70 stalls here at the farm, as well as a 250’ x 150’ covered arena, a large outdoor arena, two Equi-cisers, round pens, and, of course, acres and acres of beautiful pasture. “Our full-time staff care for the horses as though they were their children,” explains Genovese. “Really, if they told me I couldn’t stay in the house anymore and I had to stay in the barns, I’d be fine with that!”

In addition to being a favorite vacation home to Bobby, BG Farms is an ideal location for those looking for an incredible place to stay for a day, week, month, or longer. Both the 6-bedroom main house and several 3-bedroom cottages are available for rent, as are the horse stalls and covered arena. “The idea of this farm is to provide horse-loving people with an incredible place to relax and have some fun. We have a full-time chef, a full-time housekeeping staff, grounds workers, barn workers, and an office staff. Here on the farm we offer trail rides and riding lessons, and just a few minutes down the road are outstanding outdoor activities, including golf, scuba diving, and mountain biking. From those wanting to rent the main house for a wedding, family reunion, or corporate retreat to those looking to rent one of our 3-bedroom cottages while they compete at a local event or enjoy the miles of adjacent trails, we have made every effort to offer our guests, both human and equine, every comfort possible.”

BG Farms is a must-see destination for Ocala residents and visitors alike, and plans are underway for a soft opening in the spring of 2013. “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression,” said an excited Genovese. “I’m really looking forward to that night and to meeting more of the Ocala community.”

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