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Stand Your Ground movie premier – The Marion Theatre

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Published January 14, 2014

1402067_460620720726369_599523923_o       Premiering this Friday, January 17th at the historic Marion theater is director Michael McClendon’s latest film, Stand Your Ground. The movie, based on a true story, tells the struggle of Jackie Carpenter (played by actress Francine Locke) and her son Jason Veitch (played by actor Drew Matthews) as they fight for Veitch’s freedom after a controversial shooting. Was the shooting murder, or an act of self defense? The film follows along with Carpenter’s physical campaign and spiritual journey throughout the trial, taking the viewer along for an in depth look at one family’s experience with the Stand Your Ground law.

This law, made famous by the recent Treyvon Martin/George Zimmerman case (despite not being applied) has been under scrutiny ever since. Florida is not alone in maintaining Stand Your Ground laws, as there are at least 22 states that have similar statutes. These laws authorize individuals to use deadly force in dangerous situations, as a form of self defense, with out the requirement of attempting to retreat. The film Stand Your Ground, focuses on Carpernter’s son, Jason, after he attempts to take the law into his own hands and catch a group of copper thieves that have been robbing his place of employment. After an altercation and a shot fired, Jason finds himself in the gray area between murder and standing his ground, with his mother and her faith as his greatest advocate in his search for justice.

This story, as first portrayed by Carpenter herself in a her book The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91, was later adapted into a screen play by director Michael McClendon. It went on to be awarded Best Screenplay at the Peachtree Village International Film Festival, and the Bronze Crown Award for Best Drama over $250k at the International Christian Visual Media Conference. These awards are indicative of not only the films dramatic twists and turns, but of the focus on Christian values and Carpenters personal struggle with her faith during the events of the film.

Featured along side Francine Locke and Drew Matthews, is actor Joivan Jimenez taking on the roll of the character Juan Carlos Reymundo. Jimenez was awarded the 2010 New Latin Gospel Artist En-Sound Award, and the 2013 AMTC (Actors Models & Talent for Christ) awards for Male Actor, Male Vocalist, and Runner-up Male Comedy. Jimenez is also an Ocala native and graduate of Belleview High School, and one of the primary reasons that Ocala was selected to host the film premier.

Both Joivan Jimenez and Jackie Carpenter will be in attendance at the film premier at the Marion Theater on Friday, for a meet and greet with the public from 6:00pm to 6:50pm before the show. Tickets for the show are $8 per person and it will begin at 7pm. For more information of this event you can visit the Marion Theater website at, and to learn more about the film, Stand Your Ground, you can visit the official site at

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