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The Ocala Breeders’ Sales Company: June Sale


The Ocala Breeders’ Sales Company is a premier horse venue located right here in Ocala, Florida providing major sales events and race simulcasting. The Ocala Breeders’ held their 2014 June Two Year Olds and Horses of Racing Age Sale, June 17-20 at the OBS facility located at 1701 SW 60th Avenue; the sale is always absolutely free and open to ... Read More »

Guardian Ad Litem: Warriors for Good, Champions for Children


When you think back to your childhood what comes to mind? Perhaps it was the carefree days of climbing a tree or the innocence of playing hide and seek outside with your neighbors. There is nothing quite like the nostalgic memories of your childhood. It’s a formative time where you learn from observation and can use your imagination to perceive ... Read More »

What’s up at The Florida Horse Park?


What’s up at The Florida Horse Park? The Florida Horse Park is an increasingly popular destination for family tourism. It offers hundreds of miles of riding trails that wind around the lush Florida Greenway. The park also offers an exciting schedule of world-class events drawing in top competitors and spectators from every horse sport discipline. Florida Horse Park is a ... Read More »

Horse and Equine Chakras

Caroline Rider with Smokey & Sundance

Caroline Rider of Rider Horsemanship is internationally known for her intuitive, heart-felt and clear approach to horsemanship. She focuses on the depth of the relationship that is achievable between horse and rider. Rider Horsemanship is a Equine Performance & Behavior Training Center that focuses on foundation training, equine behavior, performance, healing and recovery. Caroline’s main goal during her trainings is ... Read More »

Your invited to ELO’s surprise unmasking, at their Annual Masquerade Ball!


In 2005, Ocala’s younger professional community had a desperate need for a forum. The community needed a way to invite emerging and established leaders in the community to come together and participate in a group that would create networking opportunities. They needed to create a group that would help skyrocket young professionals into getting involved in the local community. Upon ... Read More »

Why is Marion County “Horse Capital of the World?”


It is hard to come to Marion County without becoming almost immediately aware that it is the “Horse Capital of the World.” Only 5 cities in the world are permitted under Chamber of Commerce guidelines to be called “Horse Capital of the world.” The city of Ocala just so happens to be 1 out of 4 that are located in ... Read More »