Tuesday , 23 January 2018

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The Waters of Silver Springs

Glass Bottom Boat on the Silver River

The waters of Silver Springs are still flowing, the cormorants are still out sunning themselves on logs, and the famous glass bottom boats are still gliding over the head spring. While on the surface things appear as they always have, October of 2013 has sent ripples of change throughout the park, which will affect it for years to come. Silver ... Read More »

On The Trail

Preparation: noun.  The state of being made ready beforehand. Readiness: This is exactly what my friends and I were NOT when we started hiking the Art Loeb Trail in North Carolina. The trail, “it says” is 30.1 miles. Since then, I have also read it is 35 miles…but I think it was more like 100. The trail begins at the ... Read More »

Hiking The Yearling Trail

Wandering through an old homestead north of Ocala is an area known as The Yearling Trail. The area was the homestead of the Long family and is called Pat’s Island. It is not called an island because it is surrounded by water but this is an island of pines, oaks and hickory in the large prairie that make up much ... Read More »