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Wild Waters now hiring

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Published May 23, 2014

IMG_2758For months there has been a petition gathering signatures in an effort to keep Wild Waters waterpark a part of the Ocala Marion County community. Today marks the first day of a three year deal that Silver Springs Management, LLC has been awarded under a multi-year contract with the Department of Environmental Protection. The contract is to manage operations at Wild Waters waterpark. “We will provide additional information as it becomes available.” says Arden Tilghman, the current president of Silver Springs Management. “Our current priority is securing employees in both management and lifeguard roles.” In the past few weeks, several buildings the Department of Environmental Protection has deemed non-essential have been removed from Wild Waters. The remainder of the property is still undergoing renovations.  The date earmarked for the opening of Wild Waters, according to the Department Of Environmental Protection, is June 6th. The wave pool has been resurfaced, the pumps in several water features have been serviced and cosmetic repairs have given a necessary facelift to the park. Now that visitors have the ability to kayak, swim in a wave pool, ride horses and experience first hand the freshwater springs pushing hundreds of millions of gallons daily, the campground will be very busy this summer. Campers can reserve a camp site or one of the cottages by confirming their stay in advance through

According to a post by IKR, with Silver Springs Management offering kayaks and canoe rentals at Silver Springs headwaters, Marion County is on track to have additional visitors seeking activities centered on water this summer. “Each week we will keep you up to date on the current events and activities happening at both parks.” says Joel Wiessner, partner in Silver Springs Management. Silver Springs Management is a partnership between our very own Joel Wiessner and BG Capital Group’s chairman, Bobby Genovese. Genovese is a business entrepreneur at heart and owns an exclusive portfolio of homes. His flagship property is here in Ocala, BG Equestrian Resort. The resort is the ideal vacation for horses, riders, and guests looking for an all inclusive vacation next to the Cross Florida Greenway and the Santos trailhead. The 5,000 acre Silver Springs State Park connects to this same stretch of property. Guests regularly spend time kayaking, hiking, and horse back riding. Bringing Silver Springs and Wild Waters together under one company makes the management and marketing objectives much easier to achieve. “It is our responsibility to provide activities that support the DEP’s mission, which is to preserve the park for future generations.” says Tilghman. “We will do whatever it takes to be a good partner with the Department.” says Genovese. “I appreciate the water park as much as anyone else.” says Genovese. “I am very happy to keep this park a part of the community.” Genovese is well know in the eco-adventure market and had a reality show titled “Adventure Capatalist.” This most recent investment is very much in tune with his portfolio of companies. It can safely be said that Silver Springs and Wild Waters are on the right track to become a valued community resource once again. Anyone interested in applying to work at the park is encouraged to email


  1. I see that you are hiring. Any openings in the accounting/payroll areas?

  2. Yes if you need help at one of your counters i need employment. Please contact me at above email.

  3. Interested in a head cashier position. Possibly management

  4. Are there any roles for a disabled veteran (I can walk, but standing for more than 30 minutes at a time proves difficult). I have a background in Administration, IT, heavy-equipment operator/mechanic, radio announcer, DJ, Psychiatry (former student), public speaking, sales, promotions, etc.

  5. Looking for cashier or food service work.

  6. Would you like to know why you all these people in the comments are unemployed? It’s because they can’t read the article to see that employment requests should be the sent to the email address contained in the last sentence. Seriously, people.

  7. My goal since here.

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